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Emergent properties of Animal Space Use - Part II

In Gautestad (2022) I explored the dual nature of Multi-scaled Random Walk (MRW), both from the network-topological and the spatio-temporal (Eulerian) angle. The results add additional weight to alternative methods to study behavioral-ecological aspects of site fidelity and habitat selection under influence of memory. In this follow-up post I toggle to the model's spatio-temporal aspects under various levels of stressed site fidelity. One of the new results of practical importance is application of a novel way to describe magnitude of serial autocorrelation in series of fix samples. A theoretical framework to study cognitive  movement ecology under condition of spatial memory and scale-free  habitat utilization continues to mature . Site fidelity that follows from an individual entering a locality that the individual prefer. The animal’s home range is growing in spatial extent over time due to the mixture of exploratory moves and occasional return events, but with a much slower rat