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CSSU: Bridging a theoretical model to real-life ecology

I have previously challenged readers to apply the MRW-based theory to explore animal space use from this alternative methodology. For example, by studying local strength of habitat utilization as indexed by CSSU (Characteristic Scale of Space Use), as a substitute for the traditional home range size estimates. Can this theoretical approach prove itself as a more realistic and sharp-edged statistical tool in some fields of behavioural ecology? We have previously provided some empirical pilot analyses on sets of GPS fixes. The results provide good coherence between model expectations and real data with respect to the biophysical process of memory utilization and scaling of habitat selection. However, what is still missing is a thorough ecological research into the often wide distribution of respective sets of CSSU estimates, as given by the parameter c .  While common methods to estimate home range sizes are influenced by the non-trivial effects of autocorrelation and sample size of fixe

Post no. 100: Further support of the "infinite home range size" paradox

Memory map utilization by animals has received increased focus by behavioural ecologists. However, statistical and dynamic models in this field are in my view seriously lagging behind, as they are generally firmly glued to statistical-mechanical principles that defy the effects of realistic memory utilization.  Consequently, several statistical paradoxes haunt the classical modelling framework, due to unrealistic model assumptions. An alternative statistical-physical approach is required altogether. In this post I illustrate one specific space use property that emerges under the alternative model, the "infinitely expanding home range size" as a function of observation intensity. Paradox resolved, and practical applications offered! The current example underscores how this alternative framework may be applied in ecological analysis of animal space use and habitat selection.  Struggling to define "home range size" or "outlier fixes" from your GPS series? Wha