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Scrutinizing the MRW Model: Random Returns

The devil is in the details. The Multi-scaled Random Walk (MRW) model is merging scale-free habitat exploration with occasional returns to previously visited locations. Both components are by default expressed by stochastic rules. How can random returns be justified as realistic in a heterogeneous environment – where some localities are expected to experience a higher return frequency than others? MRW regards a mixture of scale-free exploratory steps and targeted return events. The former kind of movement is modeled by a standard Lévy walk equation for random displacements with no directional bias. On the other hand, return targets are modeled as randomly chosen points in time where the animal revisits a previous location rather than performing yet another exploratory Lévy step. In other words, the animal is in this parsimonious (ground level) model formulation executing a mixture of scale-free moves and occasionally non-random self-crossing of its previous path. Picture: Little