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A Statistical-Mechanical Perspective on Site Fidelity – Part VII

Animal space use analysis should be less focused on home range area demarcations and rather explore methods for statistical-mechanical studies of the set of spatial relocations (fixes). The latter approach appears more compatible with a scale-free and memory-influenced habitat utilization, which has recently been repeatedly verified in many species. In this post I develop the theoretical foundation behind the matching scale-free/memory-driven MRW model one step further by clarifying the dual aspect of observation intensity, which I find necessary in complex systems analyses of animal space use. I also show how a change of intensity has to be coherently linked to the concept of system entropy. This post regards a follow-up on A Statistical-Mechanical Perspective on Site Fidelity – Part I-VI posted during February 1, 2016 to October 7, 2016 (search Archive).  First, recall that the parsimonious "home range ghost" formula for scale-free and memory influenced space use (the Mult